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Floor displays

Floor displays We approach each project and implementation individually according to the guidelines and wishes of customers.

Counter displays

Counter displays Ideal solution for promotion and display of goods in small quantities.

Tables and tasting counters

Tables and tasting counters Tables and tasting counters is using in shops, showrooms or as part of the exhibition system.

Non-standard projects

Non-standard projects Stands with an unusual shape and design are even more eye-catching.

What can we do for you?

We are a producer of for example folding advertising stands and advertising displays intended for products in the following industries: food, textile, garden accessories, toys, cosmetics and others. Our products combine the adventages of cardboard stands (lightness, optimal production and transport costs), as well as pernamental stands. We offer a possibllity of adaptation of the carrier"s form to the exposure condition or for a specific product or a range of products.

We focus on quality!
We focus on quality!

We don't compromise when it comes to quality. Our products are made of the highest quality materials, making every effort to ensure that our clients are always satisfied.


We design various POS solutions: advertising displays, advertising stands, stands, light boxes, packaging and labels. We will also make an individual packaging design for you. Everything to show your brand in the best possible way.

Cost estimate in 24h
Cost estimate in 24h

Submit an offer inquiry. Check how much you can gain by deciding to work with us. Ask for the valuation of stands and displays. We work for you and we send the estimate within 24 hours.

100% satisfaction
100% satisfaction

Our primary aim is the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we design and materials from beginning to end in consultation with the client, so that the final result is as intended.

Production and design of advertising displays, advertising stands and other POS solutions:

Advertising stands and advertising displays made of plywood, MDF, product displays, stands, production of cardboard packaging, mock-ups, production of small quantities, innovative solutions, creation, 2D projects, 3D projects, confection, distribution.


We design and make store racks and store shelves with a unique design and designs, dedicated to the promotion of goods in retail chains or trade fair expositions. IMAGE eco store racks are characterized by the possibility of assembly without the use of tools. The stands are made of plywood based on individual designs, using milled elements. IMAGE store racks can be equipped with containers for storing stock - a storage chamber.

Working with IMAGE Production you can use our flexible approach and adjust the scale of the order to your needs. You don't have to buy in bulk.

We carry out orders for large quantities, but we also understand the needs of smaller customers.
To meet the expectations of our clients, we also allow you to make a trial copy of the stand before putting it into production.

One IMAGE ecological stand will allow you to stand out from the competition, and you can always buy more of them.

Tailor made

We like things tailored to the client, so we give the opportunity to place orders for individual projects Create your own ecological display - shape, prints on surfaces, milled elements, customized size - these are just a few elements that will match your needs.

Complexity of services

Idea, design, CNC processing, UV printing and delivery of the finished product. All production before it reaches you is only in our hands. The multi-stage control of the production process means that we offer wooden plywood stands made with the utmost care.

The convenience of the solution

It's as easy as stacking blocks!
We create IMAGE stands with a passion for simple forms. We manufacture durable stands and plywood displays, which take only a few minutes to assemble - without the use of tools.


We create and take part in the development of new exhibition projects for many brands in Poland and abroad.

Advantages of display stands

We create and take part in the development of new exhibition projects for many brands in Poland and abroad.

IMAGE stands are able to withstand heavy loads:

IMAGE stands are able to withstand heavy loads

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